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            Welcome to Beijing Ruidaen Technologies Inc website! TEL:010-58711125
            ABOUT US
            Founded in 2003, Beijing Ruidaen Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise and a new third board listed company (stock code: 430172) that has the leading technologies in radar, electronic warfare, commanding information system and laser electronics. Especially, in the field of “low slow and small” target detection and countermeasures, Ruidaen has increasingly grown as one of the industry leaders depending on long-term strong and extensive expertise.
            Ruidaen offers our customers a variety of products in 5 categories: RDN-1000,RDN-101,RDN-400,RDN-100 and FPL-1 , which are widely used in the military, police, armed police, airports, prisons, diplomatic missions, nuclear power stations, research institutes and other industries.
            We are committed to offer high reliability and high quality products in Radar equipment, Electronic warfare facilities and commanding comprehensive systems, and offer the solutions in “Low Slow and Small” target detecting and attacking, including various fixed location based on ground, island and building, or various moved solutions based on vehicles, ships and planes. We promise to assistant our customers to get strong full, three-dimensional and active low-altitude security. We have developed several tens major customers at home and abroad.
            Our company has provided products and services in many important events. Examples include, the Beijing Olympic Games, National Day (9.3) military parade, Guangzhou Asian games, Shenzhen university games, Shanghai world expo, BFA(Boao Forum for Asia), G20 summit, Tianjin National games and other large-scale activities, all earning high praises from the national ministries and military departments. The company established Beijing municipal national economic mobilization low altitude defense professional security team, approved by the National Economy Mobilization Office in 2014, , and was also determined as the focal unit for the coordination of national economic mobilization in 2015.

            ABOUT US
            Company introduction
            PRODUCT CENTER
            Low-altitude security products
            Radar products
            Electronic warfare products
            Command information system
            Laser electronic equipment
            CONTACT US
            Tel:010-58711125 Fax:010-58711699
            Phone:18601092295 18601092285 18601092565

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